Milan, 22nd November 2016 – 70-year-old and still going strong. The first society of market research in Italy, Doxa, is always at the top or its market in terms of size, quality and reliability, by addressing and supporting the strategic choices of companies, institutions and non-governmental corporations with absolute scientific accuracy. Because knowledge is power. With headquarters located in Milan, the company will close 2016 with a consolidated turnover at 41.1 million Euros (+41% than 2011), excellent results and 246 employees (+86 than 2011).

In 1946 Professor Pierpaolo Luzzatto Fegiz was the first to import in Europe the “survey sampling” method, introduced by the American George Gallup. He also chose the name and symbol for the company he was about to found: Doxa, indeed, which means “opinion” in ancient Greek and which would shortly become synonym of market research in Italy. Doxa’s first survey was “Monarchy or Republic?” in 1946. “Republic” won. And Doxa took off.


On the occasion of its 70th anniversary, Doxa opened its archives for the first time, with hundreds of unreleased researches able to give a full image of Italy under X-rays. The majority of this research depicts the vices and virtues of a country in continuous evolution, both cultural and economic. To celebrate its anniversary, Doxa decided to relaunch 10 of these studies nowadays with interesting results remarking how the Italian opinion has changed over the last 70 years: among others, the question on the European Union (“Do you support the ‘European’ project?”) showed a significant change in the Italian public opinion, going from a positive 52% in 1951 to a 49% of skeptical in 2016 (“What’s your level of trust in the EU?” – 49% answered “low level”). Other themes present in the surveys were marriage, job and unemployment, female career, savings, immigration and happiness.


“Our value lies in betting mostly on two factors: human resources and innovation through digital technologies, focusing acquisitions in this sector and creating new societies to oversee a market in continuous change” commented Marina Salamon, President of the Doxa group. She added: “In the medium term we are planning to make more investments and I’m not excluding extraordinary operations to reinforce our leadership”.


Doxa integrated since long time market research and big data, analytics, marketing and communication, and it is considering expanding its scope. “Scientific accuracy stays our mantra” adds Vilma Scarpino, CEO of Doxa and interim-President of the WIN /GIA Network, putting the stress on what made Doxa a great company: the capacity of its researchers to understand reality. Always. Ranging from wide scenarios to measurement analysis, to quali-quantitative detailed studies on brands, products, distribution and communication. With an even more digital focus, indeed.


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