These are the data that emerge from the last survey of our member Instituto DYM ( for El Confidencial, which has drawn the estimation of votes in general and in some Catalan autonomous regions and has radiographed the perceptions on the unilateral referendum promoted by the “independentistas” groups or on the leadership of the ‘Procés’.

In this last part of the barometer, conducted between 22 and 28 June from 1,219 interviews throughout Spain (531 of them in Catalonia), the survey analyzes the degree of support for plurinational Spain and the feelings of citizens toward the territorial crisis.

The survey is conclusive on the first question: 48.5% of Spaniards agree with the idea that Spain is actually a plurinational State, 35.6% reject this concept and 16% do not know or do not answer. That idea was approved at the 39th Congress of the PSOE (Spanish Socialist Party, ndr) that closed on June 18. In particular, the party endorsed “a federal constitutional reform, which maintains the unity of the State, perfecting the plurinational character of it, and that sovereignty resides in the whole of the Spanish people, according to articles 1 and 2 of the Spanish Constitution.”

The voters of the PSOE (60.5%) and especially those of Unidos Podemos (73.1%) accept the plurinational character of the State.

A series of surveys have been conducted by our Spanish colleagues of Instituto DYM over the issue of Catalonia independence and future developments for Spain. Read more on El Confidencial at the following links:

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