Birthplace of democracy, cradle of civilization, packed with history and amazing views, Athens was chosen to host our Annual Conference, a four-day joint event at the beginning of May 2017. The perfect occasion for all our international members to gather and meet after another year of tight and fruitful cooperation all over the world. The theme of the conference itself stated this clearly: “Collaboration for Growth”. After a difficult year following the process of split of the former WIN/GIA network in two separate legal entities, we felt the need of gathering all together to set a new start for both. The program of the Conference included presentations from external clients, case studies, new solutions, workshops and strategic meeting sessions. The schedule was ambitious indeed, but it also included social gatherings and events to enjoy the beauty of the city and the company of colleagues, sponsors and guests in the typical Greek atmosphere of great hospitality.

We will keep an amazing memory of this event in our minds and we are looking forward to the next Annual Conference in 2018!

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