Irish people view Theresa May very unfavourably according to new research on world leaders from WIN, of which RED C is the Irish member.

Only German citizens view her less favourable. Overall citizens of both countries see Theresa May very unfavourably, with 68% of the Irish regarding May unfavourably, and just 22% regarding her favourably.

Among all EU countries covered, only Italy (net +8) and Poland (+14) see May favourably.

The Irish have an even more negative view of US President Trump than other citizens across the world, and also a more negative view of Russian President Vladimir Putin.

They do, however, have a more positive view of French President Macron, and a somewhat more positive view of German Chancellor Merkel, with only the Pope getting a more favourable rating among Irish citizens.

CEO of RED C an Board Members of WIN, Richard Colwell, said: “Clearly the Irish are not very happy about Brexit and those that are in control of the process at the moment, neither are we very happy with the leader of our other long term partner the USA, with Trump getting very low levels of favourability. Instead the Irish appear to far more favourable to our strong European partners leaders, with both Merkel and Macron seen positively. But despite a perhaps more negative attitude to the church in recent years, the Irish still hold the Pope far more favourably than any political world leader.”

Download RED C press release here.

Read the full article on “The Journalat this link.
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