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WIN, the world’s leading association in market research and polling, launched the second edition of its international survey, the WIN World Survey (WWS), with the aim of exploring the views and beliefs of its members all over the world.

This year we will cover different topics: some as trends from the 2018 (World Health Index, Gender Equality and Voluntary work) and some other are new ones (Generations, Technology, NGO’s, Mood Index and Brand). Moreover, this will allow us to create a WIN WORLD survey release, that needs to be fed with continuity in the future.

market researching
Market researching and opinion polling

Last year, we reached 41 countries (19% of the world population) and interviewed 31,890 people.

The results of this international survey will be released at local, regional and global level with the aim to increase awareness and WIN presence in the media. This will be part of a package of marketing activities we are planning: global PR can be locally customized, the interactive Excel and the database with data can be filtered by relevant segments thanks to the IRIS dashboard provided by our partner Askia/E-Tabs (read more here:

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