In mid-2018, Market Analysis was hired by IBRAVIN (the Wine Institute of Brazil) to develop a pioneering market researching study to map out barriers and opportunities as well as expectations and activities undergone by the different participants of the wine-tourism industry. In addition to extensive desk research and social media data mining of 10,000 observations through twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and blogs they heard 450 wine-tourists to the region of Serra Gaúcha and 24 in-depths with experts, players, and opinion leaders. The outcome of this project is currently informing a major campaign to enhance the region’s strengths and address unmet needs and wishes, propelling the destination as a future magnet for domestic and international tourists to Brazil.

Market researching: wine-related study in Brazil

Marketing wine-related travelling requires a cooperative effort among multiple stakeholders and agents that goes beyond wine producers’ views and interests. This effort critically implies building a brand personality connected to the region where the activities may take place, not solely to a specific set of products or wine product producers. Thereby, tensions need to be acknowledged and agreements need to be negotiated.


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