Doxa results from 2017 End of Year survey reveal a pessimistic scenario for Italy in relation to economic prosperity: those who expect a positive year for the economy of the country are in line with 2016 result (9%), while those who are most pessimistic towards next year’s prosperity show a slight increase (59% from last year’s 57%). The net hope barometer over the past 10 years show a gradual increase in the negative data, after a significant drop from 2008 to 2009:

“Compared to this year, in your opinion, will next year be a year of economic prosperity, economic difficulty or remain the same for your country?”

Source: Doxa, Italy

Nevertheless, the Italian result for the net happiness index stays positive: one Italian out of two declares to be happy, with a net happiness index of +42. Looking at a European regional level, Italy shares the same net result with UK and both are very near to France (+43).

The Italian data on happiness also show a slight increase from 2016 (50% from 46%) proving that, in the end, money can’t really buy you happiness.

Read the Doxa press release at this link.

Italian press coverage available at the following links:



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