DMA Research A/S
Contact name: Jesper Platz and Mark Lindencrone Saylor
Address:  Vester Voldgade 83,, DK 1552 København K; Sankt Clemens Torv 15, 8000 Aarhus C, Denmark
Tel: +45 87 327 777

DMA Research A/S

Let’s pay attention to your world.

We are a team of Danish and international market researchers and analyst specialized in data collection and reporting.

We offer consumer research, social surveys and business-to-business research. Quantitative as well as qualitative studies are part of our portfolio and we work across methods, markets, services and countries. Through the years, we have conducted a wide range of projects in Denmark and the Nordic countries for both national and international clients.

Consumer research

We are identifying the preferences, motivations, emotions and buying behavior of the targeted customer through the application of quantitative and qualitative methods. Our methods include telephone, online or face-to-face interviews along with focus groups, workshops, etnoraids, observations and in-depth interviews.

Social surveys and opinion polling

Working with national and international institutions and organizations we conduct social surveys within a wide range of topics and social phenomena’. We conduct regional, municipal and community surveys as well as media surveys, opinion polling and political research.

Business to business research

Working within the B-to-B market we utilize both quantitative and qualitative techniques working within areas such as marketing, products, services, stakeholders and public relations. Furthermore, we are conducting customer and employee satisfaction surveys and mystery shopping.

In DMA we believe that data collection is all about people. That is why we base our methodology on personal involvement from interviewers, project managers and consultants, able to ask the right questions at the right time.