Turu Uuringute As
Contact name: Tõnis Stamberg, Executive Director
Address: Pärnu mnt. 102, A-korpus, 11312 Tallinn, Eesti Vabariik
Tel: +372 585 29 700
Email: tonis@turu-uuringute.ee
Website: https://turu-uuringute.eu/

Turu-uuringute AS is an impartial research company operating in the Estonian market since 1994. The company owns the Finnish research company Taloustutkimus OY, which has more than 40 years of experience in market research.

They are specialized in public opinion and market research. The Market Research AS-I team consists of 19 full-time employees. The company has over 120 experienced interviewers throughout Estonia, 12 of which specialized in telephone surveys.

They cooperate with the Codex Marketing and Social Research Practice (ICC / ESOMAR) International Chamber of Commerce and ESOMAR’s European Opinion and Marketing Research Association.