Emrooz Marketing Research Company (EMRC)
Contact name: Kamyar Emami
Address: Building 7, Sheikh Bahaei Sq, Tehran- Iran
Tel: +98 21 886 20 500
Email: emami@emrc.info
Website: www.emrc.info


We are to understand and provide superior research services and marketing solutions to our valuable clients.

We are always seeking for outstanding achievements. Through unceasing minds, we provide deeper market insight & intelligence to our clients.

We deliver more than data – we provide the marketing intelligence that takes the guesswork out of successful marketing for our clients.

Paying attention to details and placing quality controls at each stage in order to insure accuracy and consistency in results are our approaches to each and every research project irrespective of its size or nature.

Our Professional Values

• Accuracy and precision of information

• Trusteeship and safe keeping of the customers’ information.

• Establishing the long term relations

• Giving the services to the customer through proper information by a correct method and in a correct time.