Brand Investigation S.A de C.V
Contact name: Laura Ruvalcaba
Address: Av. Mariano Escobedo No. 353 B 3er. piso Int. 3A Col. Polanco V Secc. C.P. 11560, Ciudad de México
Tel: + 52 55 4211 1000

We are a Market Research and Public Opinion full service company (quantitative and qualitative research) founded in October 1998 in Mexico City. Our philosophy is based on three principles: honesty, loyalty and humility. These are the basic and main values that govern and justify BRAIN’s existence.

We are a team that looks for challenges; generating insights to help our clients to meet their business needs. Our team is amongst the best in the industry helping us to achieve the excellence in results which has led to the widespread recognition of our consultancy value.

We are members of the Mexican Association of Research Agencies and Public Opinion (AMAI) and also members of ESOMAR and Insight Association.

Our company has been in the Top 5 Market Research Agencies for more than&nbspɒ consecutive years (AMAI)