Motivaction International
Contact name: Pieter Paul Verheggen
Address:  Marnixkade 109F, 1015 ZL Amsterdam
Tel: +31 (0)20 589 83 83

Motivaction International is a full-service research and consultancy bureau that combines quantitative and qualitative research methods with knowledge of organizations, academic depth and societal motivations.

Motivaction has developed many specialties to provide a solid and effective answer to different customer questions. By putting our specialties into action, you will be able to use more than 30 years of research knowledge and expertise.


  • Knows what is important to people
  • Knows what citizens and consumers want
  • Knows what organizations need
  • Places questions within a broader context
  • Knows how to translate social developments and trends
  • Is innovative and independent
  • Is owner of one of the best Dutch research panels: StemPunt

The StemPunt-panel is Motivaction’s ISO 26362-certified online research panel. Created in 2002, the panel consists of over 65,000 Dutch citizens (reference date 2018). The panel is used for representative research conducted among Dutch citizens aged 15 to 80. Next to this there are large samples available for research from a broad range of target groups, such as specific ethnic and business segments (C-level decision makers). There is a great deal of profile data available on the panel members.