Palestinian Center for Public Opinion (PCPO)
Contact name: Nabil Kukali
Address: P.O. Box 15, Beit Sahour – Palestine
Tel: +970 2 277 4846

The Palestinian Center for Public Opinion (PCPO) is a leading full service research institute in Palestine and in a position to organize, implement, handle and conduct national and regional field surveys, studies and researches of any size within the Middle East and North Africa (MENA). The PCPO is founded in February 1994 in Beit Sahour by Dr. Nabil Kukali, who became the president of the center since that time. After the arrival of the Palestinian Authority (PA), the PCPO was registered as a research center under license number (Am/2). The Palestinian Ministry of information issued the license that permits establishing satellite offices elsewhere in the West Bank and Gaza Strip. Furthermore, PCPO is registered as a licensed business at the Ministry of Treasury under number 989326251.

Since its foundation, PCPO is dedicated to the following activities:

1) Conducting public opinion surveys.

2) Omnibus polls and services.

3) Market studies on all kinds of trading activities.

4) Surveys of consumer attitudes, consumption habits, and market shares.

5) Pre- and Post-Advertising and Communication Research

6) Pricing.

7) Focus group sessions and workshops on various topics.

8) Rendering services in the field of investment, including feasibility studies.

9) In-depth interviews & brainstorming workshops.

10) Branding and brand tracking.

11) Customer care research.

12) Social and Public Space research.

13) Household consumer survey.

14) Business – to- business survey.

15) Market Appraisal Studies.

16) Media Research.

17) Usage and Attitude.

18) Translation services from Arabic into English, German & Hebrew and vice-versa.

19)  Training services that include civic education issues i.e. political systems, democracy and human rights, pluralism, citizenship, gender equality, women rights, conflict resolution, elections, media, leadership, team work, statistical programs, institution management.

PCPO is now a name for reliability, credibility, competence and experience not only in Palestine, but all over the world.