DATUM Internacional
Contact name:  Urpi Torrado Hudson
Address: Av. Alberto del Campo 429 
Office 7A – Magdalena – Lima, Peru
Tel: +51 12150600
Email: urpi@datum.com.pe
Website: www.datum.com.pe

One of the most experienced companies with deep knowledge of Peruvian markets

Datum International is a Peruvian-owned company that, through time and research, has acquired a solid understanding of the local market. With more than 35 years delivering market research and opinion polls services to local and international clients, Datum is a renowned institution that can help your organization by providing the required information for any decision-making process. It is also the first Peruvian company to obtain a highly valued Market Research ISO (20252), a fact that guarantees our commitment to unrivaled quality. Datum is constantly adding new tools and technologies to its services and products portfolio, taking advantage of its infrastructure, which includes focus groups facilities (with streaming), CATI, CAPI and CAWI capabilities for data collection.