BAREM Research
Contact name: Pervin Olgun
Address: Levent Mah. Üst Zeren Sok. No.8, 34330 Beşiktaş/İstanbul
Tel: +90 2123202200


Creative thinking starts with asking questions once again, but by formulating them in different ways.


Barem was founded as Turkey’s third leading marketing research company by Prof. Dr. Orhan Demirhindi and Associate Professor Dr. Pervin Olgun in 1982.

Our company founding philosophy is primarily based on scientific methodology and quality in research study.

Our foundation has signed a license agreement with Research International (RI), a world leader in marketing research sector in 1994 to be its Turkish agency. Since then our company has successfully penetrated into the international market and empowered its intellectual capital by combining local experiences with international ones. Throughout this period, the company carried on its activities under the name of Barem Research International.

In 2009, Research International group merged with TNS group and Barem has decided to be an independent research company and not to take part in this network. Same year Barem was invited to become a member of WIN (Worldwide Independent Network of Market Research) organization. Following its WIN membership, Barem continued to conduct its marketing research activities in 90% of world countries through its innovative and creative experience.

Our mission

Barem is ready and here to meet our customers’ changing needs with our innovative approaches, techniques, comprehensive analysis covering market and consumer insights and to present reliable and inspiring solutions.

Our vision

Our vision is to maintain our leading role in being the address for quality and innovation in Turkey’s marketing research sector and amongst independent research companies.

We, as Barem, believe that adopting new approaches, questioning from different ways and looking at our customers’ problems through different perspectives add dynamism to our company. We seek competitive advantage in speed, agility, dynamism and innovation.