Opinion Research Business (ORB International)
Contact name: Johnny Heald
Address: 34 Bedford Row, London, WC1R 4JH UK
Tel: +44 207 611 5270
Email: jheald@opinion.co.uk 
Website: www.orb-international.com


Established in 1994, ORB has grown to become one of the UK’s leading bespoke corporate and issues-led market research companies.

In more than a decade of continual growth, we have worked successfully with over 150 clients in the private, public and voluntary sectors in over 80 countries. Driven by a team of highly experienced market research professionals with specialist knowledge across a wide breadth of sectors, we are proud to deliver both qualitative and quantitative research at the highest level.

At ORB, we seek to provide more than simply an efficient service; for each project, we provide a dedicated team of researchers whose innovative and creative thinking add an extra dimension to the results. We strive to deliver diagnostic data, not simply interesting data. Clients have remarked that, as we are a small agency, they benefit from building a close working relationship with our team.

We not only understand how best to research stakeholder attitude, behaviour and opinion, but also how clients can best use our analysis and findings both strategically (in developing policy and communications) and tactically (for advertising, generating media interest and building a winning argument across the stakeholder community).