The results of a survey carried out by WIN European members within the 2017 End of Year Survey reveal a tendency not to trust towards politics and politicians.

WIN conducted a survey in seven Western European countries in order to better understand how politics and public actors are perceived by each population. Those questions were proposed by BVA, the French member of WIN.

The countries involved were France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, Spain and UK. One can note that even if results differ depending on which country is analyzed, Northern countries usually tend to be slightly more optimistic than Southern ones.

No matter which country they come from, a large majority of citizens from Western Europe believe that the political action conducted in their country first and foremost benefits the wealthiest people (70%). Moreover, less than a third of Western European citizens are satisfied with the way politics is run in their country (29%), meaning that about two-thirds (65%) are dissatisfied. Note that 32% even consider that they are very dissatisfied.

Once again, Northern countries are slightly more pleased than Southern ones. For instance, about 4 people out of 10 are satisfied with the way politics is run in Germany (39%), the Netherlands (38%) and Ireland (37%). On the contrary, citizens of Spain (19%) and Italy (9%) are far less satisfied with politics in their countries. About two-thirds of Italians (63%) and half of Spaniards (51%) are even very dissatisfied.


“In general, how sincere would you say each of the following are? Do you think they are sincere almost all the time, most of the time, rarely or never?”

According to most of the Western population (65%), political leaders are not a good reflection of the national population. They are also far less popular than the military: only 17% of the Western Europe population consider that politicians are sincere at least most of the time. Eventually, the military benefits from a very good image all around Europe (60% think it is sincere).

Trust in the Church does not seem to depend on whether or not State and Church are separated or on the type of religions that are practiced. As for journalists, 41% of the Western Europe population consider they are sincere most of the time.

Read the full Press Release by BVA here.

You can also refer to the raw data tables here.


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