WIN has published the second part of the 2018 WIN World Survey (WWS) exploring the outlook, expectations, views and beliefs of 30,890 people from 40 countries across the world.

In particular, this time, the PR is related to Questions 12-13-14 of the survey on the Artificial Intelligence (AI). Data show that the 42% of people is concerned that Apps may use their personal data.

Vilma Scarpino, President of WIN, said: “Technology is increasingly impacting on the daily life of people around the world, but we are reacting in contrary ways. 42% of people are concerned about Apps that use their personal data, the majority (53%) of people around the world would be happy to have AI assist doctors but not to fully replace them. Many of the workers in the low-cost countries are afraid that AI/Automation will replace their jobs while workers in the advanced economies are less afraid. This global survey shows the value of education in understanding the advantages of technology and its likely impact on our daily lives”.

Read more on the WWS AI here: WIN_2018_Artificial Intelligence

Check the methodological information of the WWS: Methodology WWS

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