The election of Pedro Sánchez to the General Secretariat of the PSOE has caused a growth of PSOE (Socialist party of Spain, ndr) of 5 points in the intention of vote, according to the survey conducted by Instituto DYM in the month of June for El Confidential. In contrast with the 20% obtained by the Socialists in the March survey this year ( , it now achieves 25%. This result would suppose the best of the PSOE since Unidos Podemos broke in the Spanish electoral panorama in the European ones of May of 2014. For its part, the PP would continue winning the elections with 30,9% of the intention of vote, barely one tenth less than the March survey.

The 25% that the socialists received after the election of the new secretary general not only improves 5 points with respect to the wave of March of this year: they would be 5.4 points more than in October of 2016, 2.4 points more than the General election of January 26th last year, no less than 8 points more than in the December 2015 survey (when the PSOE was more sunk), 3 points more than in the general of December of that year and 5.5 points more than in the survey of November 2014, the year when Podemos broke in and even got to tie in intention to vote with the PP. A breath of oxygen for Sanchez.

A series of surveys have been conducted by our Spanish colleagues of Instituto DYM over the issue of the current political situation in Spain after the election of the new Secretary General of PSOE Pedro Sanchez. Read more on this theme at the following links:

Only 13% of PSOE voters want Sánchez to lead a censure motion (

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