Vilma Scarpino, CEO of Doxa, presented the data of the “Over 60s and technology” research during the SingularityU Italy Summit 2018. At the second Italian Summit, SingularityU decided to link the exponential technology theme with the Silver market.

Here is what Doxa reports in his statement:
“In Italy there are 13.7 million 60/80-year-old people, mostly dynamic, curious, modern … and, surprisingly, digital!”. To photograph them is Doxa, who, as technical partner of the SingularityU Italy Summit 2018, wanted to give its contribute by analyzing for the first time seniors’ habits and customs. Thanks to this research, Doxa has discovered a status quo that is very different from the stereotype of “elders” considered as a weak and/or caring category.
An active and dynamic target due to a mix of objective factors and mental attitudes. Here are three key factors:
1. Psycho-physical well-being: 75% of the interviewees declared that they had a satisfactory state of health with even 19% of them who defined it as “very good”.
2. Autonomy at 360 degrees: 88% of Italian over 60s usually carries out medical examinations by themselves; 86% of them goes shopping everyday and 84% of them does everyday houseworks independentl. Not only. 64% of Seniors practices regular physical activity, a figure that is nearing 55% among 76/80 year-olds.
3. Focus on socialization: family and friends have a strategic importance for Italian over 60s: 71% of them lives with his/her partner (wife or husband); 85% have children and 65% grandchildren. With regard to friends, 41% of Seniors used to meet them “often”.

«Beyond the single data, what comes up from Doxa research, is that Italian over 60s want to feel themselves despite getting older» said Vilma Scarpino, CEO of Doxa. And she raised: “They want to take advantage of the opportunity offered by a greater amount of time to cultivate their relationships, realize ambitions and projects postponed in the past and, why not, feel socially useful with a community service or, even, volunteering».

THE IMPORTANCE OF TECHNOLOGY – Almost all Italian over 60s have a mobile phone and in 48% of cases, is a smartphone. In other words: there are over 6 million Internet devices in the hands of Seniors. 39% of them have got and usually use a computer and a further 10% choose for the tablet. The use of e-mail and social networks, Facebook above all, is on the agenda, respectively, for 39% and 24% of the interviewed. Not only. Those who are connected to the Internet, in 40% of cases read the latest news online, in 29% watch videos on YouTube and in 20% consult apps and/or sites dedicated to their hobbies. In general, men are significantly more active online than women. Age is also a discriminating factor: if 80% of 60/65 year-olds carry on at least one online activity, the share drops to 52% between 71/75 year-olds and 37% between 76/80 year-olds.

HI-TECH INTERESTS – Health and safety are the technological areas of greatest interest for the digital over 60s: 57% of them would find very useful to be able to “talk with doctors from home, displaying their faces and the exams done”, and 48% of them would like to wear “bracelets able to detect the main vital functions”. Again: 50% of them would like to have “home sensors for utility management and safety”. «In general, among the over 60s there is a strong trust in digital innovation» summed up Vilma Scarpino. And she mentioned a datum for all: «For 43% of the interviewed technology and its multiple applications improve and will improve the quality of our life». Finally, some curiosities: two out of three know Google, Amazon and Wi-Fi technology.

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