Over 70 papers submitted, only 12 approved for presentation, and 1 proud winner, MARKET ANALYSIS, who was unanimously voted for the best paper submission and presentation before nearly 400 attendants.

The paper entitled CAREER VERSUS MATERNITY: REGULATING INEQUALITY IN THE LABOR MARKET” reflected the learnings and lessons derived from the Women´s Study conducted in collaboration within the WIN network. In the words of Duilio Novaes, president of ABEP (the Brazilian Market Research Association), “MARKET ANALYSIS’s contribution stood out for its combination of fine research methods, audacity and innovation in choosing a key subject relevant to many publics, and bold analysis of data and its implications.”

The Alfredo Carmo best paper award is the sole award issued by ABEP, therefore it represents the industry award in Brazil. The award is named after one of the pioneers in the field of market research in Brazil and it is conferred every two years. MARKET ANALYSIS is the 8th winner of the award in the award´s history.

Few highlights of the paper that caught the audience’s interest:

  • Motherhood and professional achievement are antagonistic forces, a strain of demands on women that ends up frustrating both.
  • Mothers claim to receive lower wages than men, compared to women with no They also say perceive fewer opportunities for professional growth. A penalty on motherhood is further reinforced by institutions unable and/or unwilling to adapt in order to absorb the diversity of needs these moms have.
  • Against all disadvantages, mothers wish to continue and make progress in their careers is.
  • Although there is a small group of companies that have initiatives to retain mothers within their labor force and aid them on a smooth transition back to work, some are still unaware of what are the actions they must take to provide an equal ground for employees of all.
  • Managers and decision makers can replicate a traditional view of gender roles, even if unconsciously, because they are deeply rooted in collective Therefore, they may perpetuate a professional condition unfavorable to women and, especially, mothers, who see their careers impaired.
  • The role of market research is to bridge the needs of individuals and institutions, clarifying these core dilemmas and tensions to enable actions and provide guidance to mitigate and eliminate these.

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