On September 27 – 28 the Insights and Innovation Exchange IIeX (Latam) took place in Buenos Aires. Our members from ParaguayArgentina and Peru (Instituto de Comunicacion y Arte, Voices! Consultancy and DATUM Internacional, respectively) took this opportunity to meet and exchange ideas for new projects in the region. Also, Urpi Torrado from Datum, Peru, was speaker in this event. During her presentation, Urpi analyzed WhatsApp and other asynchronous measurement platforms for qualitative studies. Whatapp, internet and the increase of the mobile applications has revolutionized the life of consumers and is also transforming  marketing and market research. Its use is already a reality. The shared learnings showed the scope and limitations of the different tools used throughout different research projects, thus contributing to the design of the future of research.

For more information: urpi@datum.com.pe

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