The WIN Dashboard is an online platform (accessible here) where all the data and insights that come from the WIN World Survey are visualized and stored, since the first edition of the survey in 2018. The WIN World Survey is the international survey carried out every year by WIN, and in the webinar “Visualizing Data” we talked together with E-Tabs about the work we did for the new dashboard: How does an online reporting service work? What should be considered when building a dashboard? How should data and surveys be structured? And what type of changes and updates did we apply to the WIN World Survey Dashboard? Find out more by watching the recording below!

Since the first edition of the WIN World Survey, the international survey carried out by WIN, a range of topics relevant to society, institutions, and businesses are investigated among different countries and world areas. The strength of the WWS lies both in its internationality (we collect data from more than 30 countries around the world) and in the fact that we study and collect trends on a variety of meaningful topics. The need to convey the data in the most effective way, brought WIN to collaborate with E-Tabs for the development of a new and updated dashboard. The online reporting service enables our global data to be visualized and accessible to anyone and, in this webinar, WIN Network and E-Tabs will talk about the dashboard functionalities and the improvements made for the latest version. The ultimate goal is for the dashboard to be a source of information for anyone looking for business and societal insights, or data-based results to validate their own research and studies.

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