The cooperation partners from Western Europe met in Hamburg at the end of March 2017, hosted by Produkt + Markt in a two-day event discussing professional exchange, inspiration and planning and analysis.

The members of this group have been knowing each other very well over the years and are cooperating in various projects. Some suggestions for future developments?

“We want to be a leading organization”

“We want to share knowledge and support each other”

“We want to do more joint business”

Our representatives from France (BVA), Italy (Doxa), Sweden (CMA Research), UK (ORB International), Ireland (Red C Research), Denmark (DMA Research), Greece (Alternative Research Solutions), the Netherlands (Motivaction) and Finland (Taloustutkimus) have come to Hamburg with these ideas in mind. And these are just the partners from Western Europe!

Presentations on the use of online communities, automated chart creation, the use of big data, questionnaire design and more were shared during the event. The organizers have also invited partners of the network such as SSI, Kernwert and Gess. What was special is that in the discussions, their own experiences with the instruments were shared, strategies exchanged and procedures developed. The general feeling was that there were no competitors in a room, but partners, who want to work together. The implementation of the new Esomar Code, which came into effect a few weeks before the meeting, was also presented and discussed.

What does an institute have to consider here, how to change information for participants – numerous question marks remained open at the event. This could require a platform on which all questions are answered centrally. And this is exactly what has been prepared, and presented here for the first time in its pilot phase. The instrument of the platform is intended to improve the cooperation of the network.

As usual, and also important at this meeting: the personal talks, the appointment for cooperation and the joy of the community!

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