About us

The Worldwide Independent Network of Market Research (WIN) is a global network conducting market research and opinion polls in every continent.

To the network participate the largest independent market research and polling companies in their respective countries.

Our assets are:

  • Thought leadership: access to a group of the most prominent experts and business entrepreneurs in Market Research, Polling and Consultancy
  • Flexibility: tailormade global and local solutions to meet clients’ needs
  • Innovation: access to the latest strategic consultancy, tool development and branded solutions
  • Local experts: access to a network of experts that truly understand the local culture, market and business needs
  • Trust: highest quality of talented members in all countries covered

In the years, WIN has demonstrated wide competences and ability to conduct multi-country surveys following the highest standards requested by the market. The accumulated expertise of the Association is formidable: Third World issues, advertising and media research as well as retail, economics, and corporate research.

The Board

The WIN Network is led by a Board of one President and six Board Members:



Doxa Italy

Vilma Scarpino is CEO and shareholder of Doxa Spa, the first independent marketing research and opinion poll company in Italy in terms of size and turnover. President and coordinator of the Doxa Group (Doxa and DoxaPharma for marketing research; Connexia and Coffee Grinder for communication), since February 2017 she is President of the WIN Network, made of 40 of the most important market research entrepreneurs, industry leaders and innovators covering more than 50 countries.

Our Board Members

Pascal Gaudin

BVA (France)

Budget Responsible

Richard Colwell

Red C (Ireland)

Events and Institutional Relations Responsible

Heiner Junker

Produkt+Markt (Germany)

Europe Regional Leader and Scientific Responsible

Selim Saad

REACH (Lebanon)

MENA Regional Leader and Webinar Responsible

Urpi Torrado

DATUM Internacional (Peru)

Americas Regional Leader

Barry Tse

WisdomAsia (China)

APAC Regional Leader and Communication Responsible