Countries who proudly represent the WIN Network in the APAC region are currently preparing to attend a two day conference on 28th and 29th October 2019, hosted in Sydney by our Australian partner, Bastion Insights.

The first day of the conference will focus heavily on knowledge sharing and training with delegates from different APAC regions presenting a topic of interest to the rest of the group. Our training sessions will be facilitated by Peter Kenny and focus on issues such as staff development, strategic thinking and how to make the WIN World Survey (read also: work harder for us. Day two of the conference will see each country sharing insights around the “Health of Our Nation”. By drawing on data from the WIN World Survey, we will collectively discover how each APAC country differs and what the implications are for products and services.

Of course, it wouldn’t be a genuine “Aussie” experience without taking in some cultural experiences, including a tour of the Sydney Opera House, a ferry ride across the harbour and enjoying fresh gourmet food.

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