WIN International, the world’s leading association in market research and polling, surveyed citizens of the G7 nations (Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, the United Kingdom, and the United States of America) along with three other countries (Argentina, Peru, and Spain) to gather views on (a) the upcoming US election, and (b) specific global policies enacted by President Trump over the past four years.

Most countries have a negative view of the US:Overall, half the citizens from G7 countries have a good opinion of the United States. But when the US is removed from the equation, positive opinion drops to 33%. This is because, unlike the US, where just 20% have a bad opinion of their country, in Canada, France, Germany, Spain, and the United Kingdom it’s at least 40%. (Bad opinion ranged from 43% to 67%.)

Of all the countries surveyed, Argentina (51%), Peru (48%), Japan (39%), and Italy (38%) had the most positive opinions of the United States, while Canada (25%) and Germany (22%) had the least. (By comparison, 72% of Americans had a positive opinion of their own country.)

Interest in US Election

All 10 countries surveyed show a strong interest in the upcoming US election. In fact, most had more than 7 in 10 citizens reporting an interest.

The United States had the most interest (97% of respondents were at least somewhat interested), followed by Germany (85%). Argentinians showed the least interest (56%).

Opinions of former Vice President Biden and incumbent President Trump

Fewer than 40% of respondents from any country had a good opinion of Trump. The US was highest, at 35%, but even there, more respondents indicate having a bad opinion of him (59%) than a good one.

The lowest opinion of Trump was in Germany and France, where 83% had a bad opinion of him. This was followed by Canada (81%) and the United Kingdom (80%).

Biden had a favourable impression in most countries; in fact, most countries reported a higher percentage of good opinion than bad opinion. In the US, though, good opinion and bad opinion were tied at 42% apiece.

Outside of the United States, Canada had the best impression of Biden, followed by France and Germany.

Compared to Trump, Biden has significantly more respondents who haven’t made up their minds about him yet.

If these countries could vote, Biden would win

Outside of the United States, each of the remaining countries surveyed would select Biden as president, if they could vote. (US residents were not asked their opinion here.)

Canada was the most enthusiastic for Biden (68% would choose him for president vs. 14% for Trump). The remainder would vote for neither candidate (13%) or did not know (5%).

Germany was also enthusiastic for Biden: 66% would vote for him, compared with just 8% for Trump.

Trump’s policies were widely panned

Nine of Trump’s policy decisions that his government has made during the past four years were reviewed, and respondents largely disapproved of his decisions. For example, the decision to withdraw from the International Climate Change Agreement drew the highest disapproval. In fact, all countries disapproved of this decision, including most US respondents. Trump’s commitment to building a wall between the US and Mexico was highly criticized as well.
The most favorable policy was the decision to negotiate with North Korea concerning its nuclear program (a 45% approval rating among citizens from G7 countries).
It is clear that all countries surveyed are intently interested in the outcome of the upcoming US election,” said Vilma Scarpino, President of WIN International Association. “If these other countries had a vote in the election, former Vice President Joe Biden would be a clear choice, but we’ll have to wait and see what US voters will do on election night.”

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