WIN has  published today, on the occasion of the International Women’s Day, the third parte of the 2018 WIN World Survey (WWS) exploring the views and beliefs of 30,890 people from 40 countries across the world. This survey reveals alarming attitudes and behaviors in many countries.


  • Only 27% of people around the world believe that social attitudes and behaviours treat men and women equally.
  • 48% believe that men are favoured whilst only 17% believe that women are favoured, 8% say that they don’t know.
  • Countries with the lowest levels of gender equality include Japan 8%, Morocco 8%, India 14%, Chile 15%, Mexico 15%, Spain 15% and France 16%.
  • Many of the APAC countries believe that high levels of gender equality exist (Philippines 61%, Thailand 59%, Indonesia 57%, Vietnam 48%).

Read more on the WWS Gender Equality here: WIN_2018_Gender Equality

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