The WIN World Survey (WWS) is the international survey carried out by WIN. The study is conducted every year with the purpose to measure people´s thoughts, expectations, worries, and perceptions related to relevant topics for society and business.

Since its first edition in 2018, the WWS involves 40 countries around the globe. The wide coverage in terms of countries and cultures allows the collection of a range of beliefs that reflect the global population’s. The WWS deep dives into people’s opinions to shed light on trends and societal changes.

Among others, researched themes are Gender Equality, Climate Change, Technology, Health, Generations and Work

In the years, WIN has demonstrated wide competences and ability to conduct multi-country surveys following the highest standards requested by the market.

Below you can find the data of the WIN World Survey divided per editions: in every section, you will find the articles about the topics released every year. Alternatively, you can click on the Dashboard Link, to visualize the data and the results from every edition, and deep dive into the findings collected by WIN throughout the years.