WIN is proud to announce the first results of a regional study on Women conducted by its members in the Americas: 


The survey was conducted by WIN members in December 2017, in 11 countries that represent 87% of the population of the American continent: Argentina, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Colombia, the United States, Ecuador (CEDATOS), Mexico, Peru, Panama and Paraguay. In total, 5,982 surveys were conducted on women over 17 years of age. 

The research clearly shows that there is still a long way to go in terms of women’s rights. These results are part of a larger study that will be published at the beginning of April 2018, where a wide range of questions related to women in America have been investigated, such as perceptions about the gender situation, employment, leisure, consumption, maternity, social roles, etc. All of these factors identify patterns of behavior and differences by country.

Latin America: Improvements are critical
The violation of women’s rights has strong relevancy throughout the American continents, with almost 6 out of 10 women stating they feel they are only respected ‘a little’ or ‘not at all’’ (56%), compared to 44% of women who believe they are respected ‘a lot’. However, it is the disparity between hemispheres that is possibly the biggest cause for concern. The vast majority of North American women (84%) feel their rights are respected ‘a lot’, but this proportion falls significantly to a mere 36% in Latin America.

Other highlights from this first press release:

  • Almost a quarter of North and South American women admit to having suffered either physically or psychologically.
  • 3 out of 10 women admit to having been sexually harassed. Mexico is the country with the highest level of harassment in the Americas (46%).

This study is announced in the framework of International Women’s Day, a date in which the outstanding challenges regarding the fight for gender equality in the world are remembered, as well as the integral and dignified development of women as individuals.

Read the full Press Release at this link

For more information about this study:
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National Press Coverage (in national languages):

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